Nominees: 1963 Album of the Year

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Welcome to 1963! Ray Charles picks up his second straight nomination this year. Genius+Soul=Jazz got a mention in the 1962 OMAs but fell short of claiming victory. Will Mr. Charles do any better in '63?

1963 is the second year a spoken comedy album makes it onto the nomination list! Bob Newhart got a mention in the 1961 OMAs... will Vaughn Meader and his JFK parody capture the One Man Academy award that eluded Mr. Newhart?

You'll have about ten days to check out the nominees and make your own decisions before the official reveal.

The 1963 nominees for Album of the Year were:
  • The First Family, Vaughn Meader
  • I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Tony Bennett
  • Jazz Samba, Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd
  • Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Ray Charles [only on YouTube list]
  • My Son, the Folk Singer, Allan Sherman