Bill’s Batch of Whiskey Sours

A good drink and good advice from a good dude.

Bill’s Batch of Whiskey Sours

Bill’s Batch of Whiskey Sours

  • 1 can Frozen Concentrated Lemonade
  • 1 can Whiskey
  • 1 can Water

"1 can” = The can that originally held the lemonade.

Mix in a large pitcher. Serve over ice.

My friend's dad, Bill, was a good dude. He was thoughtful, whip-smart, and warm of smile.

The most valuable smidge of wisdom Bill gifted me was: Don't go to business school... you can learn everything they'll teach you by reading a few quick books. (If my memory is accurate, he then gave me the titles of the books.) I don't think I was actively considering business school at the time, but I would have at some point. The alumni connections might have been nice, but I truly would have gone to learn some secret bit of knowledge. And I would have been very disappointed at its nonexistence.

Saving that time and money and disappointment is only part of the value, though. Bill's bit of wisdom also helped teach me credentials do not determine if I am (or anyone is) a good and worthwhile human being.

Here's the other smidgen of wisdom I hold close. Once, when we were ready to do way too much, Bill stopped us and said if we needed a batch of solid whiskey sours, use a can of frozen concentrated lemonade, a can of water, and a can of whiskey.

Since then, I've found it's sometimes necessary to add more water for balance, depending on the variety of lemonade and whiskey. (I commonly use another ½ can.) While it's not in the original recipe, orange bitters will add depth. (1 dash for each ounce of lemonade.)