1969 Nominees: Album of the Year

1969 Nominees: Album of the Year

We're back! We've done all the revisiting we're going to do from the Grammy's first ten years[1], and now it's time to push forward into decade number two.

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1969's nominees are ready for you, and I'm cautiously excited to screen the albums.

José Feliciano is a name I'm pretty sure I recognize. While I've not been crazy about some of Simon & Garfunkel's previous albums, I'm hoping this works for me better than the previous ones.

And then, of course, The Beatles.

You'll have about ten days to listen to the nominees and make your own decisions before the official reveal.

The 1969 nominees for Album of the Year

  • Bookends, Simon & Garfunkel
  • By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Glen Campbell
  • Feliciano!, José Feliciano
  • Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles
  • A Tramp Shining, Richard Harris

  1. Apologies to Barbra Streisand, Henry Mancini, and most of the rock-and-roll'ers. ↩︎