1967 OMAs: Album of the Year

1967 One Man Academy: Album of the Year

- Revolver, The Beatles

Worth a listen:
  • Color Me Barbra, Barbra Streisand

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If you only listen to one song: "She Said She Said" (Spotify)

Sinatra: A Man and His Music

You should check this album out, if only to hear how weird it is. It's 1 hour and 45 minutes long and Frank narrates his life in between tracks. It's odd (and long).

Doctor Zhivago

Disclosure time: Before listening to this soundtrack, I knew absolutely nothing about Doctor Zhivago, other than "it's the name of a movie".

I didn't know who was in it. I didn't know if it was a domestic or foreign film. I didn't even know if it was a comedy/satire/drama/etc.

This was a perfect opportunity, then, to see what, if anything, I could deduce about the plot and/or nature of the movie by listening to the soundtrack.

Answer: I deduced little-to-nothing.[1]

It was an interesting contrast to The Sound of Music, which I've also never seen, and has a soundtrack that seemingly grounds you in what the movie is about.

Color her Barbra

Ms. Streisand is her normal awesome self. Color Me Barbra feels somewhat unfocused, as an album, so it's hard to give it an "album of the year" award. As an assortment of random songs, it's quite fine.[1:1]

A song like "The Minute Waltz" is cute, but also why?

A song like "Gotta Move" belongs in the middle of a musical[1:2], but instead it's here.

The Bee-els

Revolver is one of the first Beatles albums often-referenced-OMA-friend Jess recommended when she was schooling me on the band.

This album is also the first album, so far, to really sound like "The Beatles" to me. I don't know exactly how to explain that, yet, other than to say this is the first album I can only imagine The Beatles performing... I'll ponder and get back to you.

In any event, this is certainly another one of those albums that feels like it's always been.

  1. I assume that musical doesn't exist and that makes me sad. ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎