1962 Briefly Revisited: AotY

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If you only listen to one song: Frankfurt Special, Elvis Presley

Elvis and Sinatra

Elvis somehow released three albums in the 1962 awards' time frame.

  • His Hand in Mine[1], Elvis Presley
  • G.I. Blues, Elvis Presley
  • Something for Everybody, Elvis Presley

Sinatra also released three albums in that time frame.

  • Come Swing with Me!, Frank Sinatra
  • Sinatra's Swingin' Session!!!, Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle
  • Sinatra Swings (originally titled Swing Along with Me), Frank Sinatra

First of all, it's interesting to see Elvis and Sinatra release a combined 6 albums in a year and grab 0 nominations.

Beyond that, though, just looking at the mentions on this site, Elvis has released at least 7 albums over the first 4 years of the Grammys and has received bupkis in the way of nominations. One could easily make space for King Creole (1959) or G.I. Blues (1962) in the nomination list.

Harold Arlen

Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook is worth a listen. Ella is Ella, clearly, and Harold Arlen is one of the world's songwriting assassins. He composed the music for such songs as:

  • The entire Wizard of Oz soundtrack, including "Over The Rainbow"
  • "Blues in the Night"
  • "Let's Fall In Love"
  • "Stormy Weather"
  • "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"
  • "That Old Black Magic"
  • "I've Got The World On A String"
  • "It's Only A Paper Moon"
  • "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)"
  • "The Man That Got Away"

If someone put those 10 songs in their jazz top 10, I probably wouldn't think about it twice.

Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall

Rufus Wainwright released an album in 2007 that's a recreation of Judy Garland's Carnegie Hall concert (which won one of 1962's two OMAs).

  1. Did Elvis release a gospel album just to counteract his image as a sex idol and give the fans something to take home to their parents? Church Elvis in the streets, normal Elvis in the sheets? ↩︎