1959-68 Revisited: Christmas Tunes

1959-68 Revisited: Christmas Tunes

"Not a single Christmas song? Otherwise I approve of the list."

Some wrongs must be set right.

The current One Man Academy (OMA) project is listening to the Grammy's Album of the Year nominees and re-choosing winners, absent of historical context. In the 1959-68 Revisited series, we relisten to some favorite artists from that time period in more depth.

Spotify playlist for this post: OMAs 1959-68: Christmas Tunes

If you only listen to one song: "Skating", Vince Guaraldi Trio

After listening to it, I realized I'd never heard all of "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year".

A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector is amazing.

The Beach Boys' Christmas Album is surprisingly good.

I'm pretty sure Vince Gauraldi was some sort of wizard because A Charlie Brown Christmas is ridiculously good. The soundtrack to an animated CBS Christmas Special has no right to be That Good.

I'm not sure how I feel about the execution, but James Brown x Christmas Music is a five star idea. It's one of those ideas you wanna see tried, regardless of how it turns out. Like an Ol' Dirty Bastard Christmas Special[1] or hooking a guitar up to what I assume is a nuclear reactor.

What comes before anything? What have I always said is the most important thing?


  1. RIP ↩︎